Process Auditing

About Our Free Process Audit Resource

Our free resource package for process auditing is designed to help internal auditors plan, document and report an audit in a format consistent with ISO requirements and do it effectively without a great deal of paperwork. I’ve taught internal auditors for over twenty years and one thing that I’ve noticed is that almost everyone has challenges with planning audits. When…
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Interpreting Conformity, Efficiency and Effectiveness

Two separate events over the past couple of weeks caused me concern.  First someone told me that we must consider auditing conformity as being equally important to the consideration of effectiveness since both were required. The statement caused me to pause. True I thought, the standards are full of requirements for conformity. This statement reminded me of the other event,…
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Better Internal Auditing

Dogma can be a powerful force in our society. We have a strong tendency to try to short cut systems by copying what others have done. Why? Maybe we think it will be easier. After all, why do a lot of work ourselves when others have done the work for us. Unfortunately we can end up with the blind leading…
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