About Us

Delivering Tools for ISO and IATF

Our Vision

We are passionate about providing tools that can be used to make work more meaningful and lives better. We want to share our ideas and help you start conversations beyond simply getting ISO certified. Our focus is on how to improve systems by thinking critically and systemically. How we can all improve by aiming to think better.

Thinking systemically and critically can allow anyone to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. There is no limit to how much anyone can improve their thinking. The more we learn, the more we realize how little we know. We believe that by learning how and putting into practice better ways of thinking, organizations can be smarter and individual lives can be more fulfilling. 

Think better. Live better.

About Pat Ambrose and His Team

Pat is the founder of SystemsThinking.Works. He is supported by a small team with many years of experience in quality management, project management, and six sigma in several industries including automotive, healthcare, consumer goods, government and energy.

Pat wants to share not only ideas from his experiences in quality, auditing and management systems, but also what he’s most passionate about – critical thinking and systems thinking and how these can be applied to make organizations effective. It’s not just about getting an ISO certification. It’s about thinking critically about what an organization needs and what the people responsible for making that happen need in order to make it happen. As a retired grandfather of seven, SystemsThinking.Works is Pat’s way of putting everything he’s learned and experienced together in one place. It is there for the taking. Learn what you can and what you want. The outcomes from what you learn are up to you.

Sharing our knowledge.

Our team has over 50 years of quality management experience. This includes over 25 years auditing, consulting on and teaching management systems and implementing them around the world in many industries. Our ISO and IATF Guides, Process Audit Toolkit and other Operational and Audit Resources have been designed to help you help your organization understand and improve its processes. I hope you find them to be practical and valuable.
Pat Ambrose
| Founder, Systems Thinking Works