Effective Operations Management


The latest ebook by Pat Ambrose offers a step by step process for crafting an effective, fully integrated, performance and responsibility based management system.

With over 280 pages this book incorporates all of the requirements from the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards. The requirements are not simply copied from the standards, but are put into a sequence that supports implementation, resulting in a workable and value-added management system.

What you get with the Effective Operations Management eBook:

  • Over 280 pages on how to implement integrated management systems
  • Five phases of implementation that cover the what, how and why
  • In depth discussions on Management’s and Process Owners’ responsibilities
  • Recommendations on auditing and performance monitoring
  • Usable tables identifying where clauses align with each section of the ebook
  • Insightful anecdotes, usable graphics and practical exercises
  • Immediate download of the eBook in Microsoft Word and PDF
  • Immediate download of the clause reference chart in Microsoft Excel
  • Immediate download of our Process Audit Toolkit and Audit Planning Resources
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Effective Operations Management – The Organizational and Functional Integration of Quality, Productivity, Safety and Environmental Responsibility – is a summation of over 40 years observing, assessing, teaching and consulting to organizations of all sizes in various industries. It takes the reader through the process of creating an efficient, effective, fully integrated, performance and responsibility based management system. Once you have completed the book and the implementation process, ALL requirements of the standards will have been incorporated into one logical, effective, efficient and value-added management system.

The text provides full references back to the requirements of the three standards to help maintain compliance and requirements are grouped by common intent and where practical common processes and methods are described.

Included is a complete cross reference worksheet that shows where in the book each and every clause of the three standards is covered. If you’d like to take a look inside, there is a compilation of excerpts from all of our ebooks included in the free Audit Resources that you can download immediately.

In five phases the Effective Operations Management ebook describes what needs to happen and how it needs to happen, but more importantly why it needs to happen and the benefits your organization should gain through implementation.

The first phase covers the critically important ground work. The first question answered in Phase one is “who is Top Management and what is their role in the success of the management system?” Phase one goes on to provide the rationale for why any organization’s management should support implementing these standards into their organization as one integrated system.

This phase is the detailed design criteria common to all processes of the system. This phase includes consultation with those who will ultimately make the system work in order to develop a common understanding of the objectives. It also includes development of performance criteria, performance monitored methods and performance expectations.

These phases provide the details that apply only to specific functions. This is the final phase of planning, followed by implementation and finally monitoring (Auditing / Assessing), measurement and management oversight.

How you get it:
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