Our free Process Audit Toolkit is designed to help internal auditors plan, document and report an audit in a format consistent with ISO requirements and do it effectively without a great deal of paperwork.

I’ve taught internal auditors for over twenty years and one thing that I’ve noticed is that almost everyone has challenges with planning audits. When the plan involves auditing a single process then there isn’t an issue, but when the plan is to audit a supplier’s complete system of a sister facility or even your own complete system then planning audits can become a major chore.

For this reason, included in the Toolkit is a document designed to make audit planning much easier. The step by step form helps you do what a registration auditor does intuitively because they do it every day. So although as an internal auditor you may go through this exercise once or twice a year, we have included a free audit planning aid so that you will be able to plan as if you were doing it every day as well.

The audit planning aid fits directly into the audit plan form. This is the form that you would provide to the audit client. Again we have included a step by step process and an example form.

Once you begin your audit, you need audit evidence. We have included in the free package both a generic Turtle Diagram to help you ensure that you have covered all of the elements of a process and an audit evidence Worksheet to help you keep track of what you have identified as conforming or nonconforming. Many internal auditors gather copies of every document that they see. This is not an ISO requirement. It is not very efficient, it kills a lot of trees and it takes a lot of space to store it. Our audit aid will help you reduce audit documentation as well as time.

Of course in some audits everything is not in as good a shape as we would like and we need to write nonconformities. We have included a form for that too.

Also included in the Toolkit is a simple audit report form that you can use to complete your report. This document along with copies of your audit worksheets, your audit plan and any nonconformities completes your audit package.

The Toolkit is packed with so much more. Take a look and download today for free.